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WorldNewHair Video Cash Reward

PlatformCash Bask
Views Post Post,like Post $10
≥200 ≥100 ≥500 $20
≥500 ≥500 ≥1500 $50
≥2000 ≥1000 ≥5000 $150
≥4000 ≥5000 ≥20000 $200
≥8000 ≥20000 ≥60000 $500
Note: You Can Join on any platform you choose, DM us get the cash back

This program is set for customers who have ordered from WorldNewHair. We all believe reviews only from used customers are really trustworthy. Share your nice look and honest video review, tips to get $500!

1. Upload your video to YouTube or Instagram or both
2. Video should be shot and viewed in landscape mode (for YouTube video)


There are occasional giveaways on WorldNewHair Instagram and Youtube channels every month. There will be 6 lucky girls picked to get free hair. Plus, if your photo is chosen to use as a product picture, a free hair will definitely rewarded back.Please keep tuned to get luxurious WorldNewHair hair for free.



Ⅳ.Instructions to Photo and Video Review

1. Video: Video

Youtube HD 1920*93 /rectangle ≥3 minutes 1.Video subject includes "WorldNewHair"
2.Site address should be listed on the top of the video description box
Instagram HD 800*800 /square 15-30 seconds 1.Tag worldnewhair on Instagram
2. Site address should be listed on the top of video description
Tiktok HD ANY 15-30 seconds Tag @worldnewhair on tiktok

2. Picture:

Beautiful, BeautifulBeautiful and Clear

Instagram tag @world_new_hair or Facebook tag @worldnewhair or Tiktok Tag @worldnewhair